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Journey EDP Women

SKU: 701666317128

PRODUCT TYPE: Eau de Parfum

VENDOR: Amouage

68.000 KD

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Journey EDP Women by Amouage

Concentration: Eau de Parfum

Size: 100 ml

Product Description: 

Propelled by the leading edge of Amouage's commitment to innovation and expertise, Journey is fervent in its freshness. A new style in perfumery, the Journey effect is characterized by a modern approach to age-old traditions of delicate materials in their purest form; maintaining the essence of the olfactory experience. This gragrance was launched in 2014. Journey is an opulent floral chypre, capturing the essence of the timeless tradition of the Arabian Night.

Inspired by the many jour neys of life, the sparkling notes of the open road captured in this exotic fragrance will awaken your spirit with its sophisticated blend of bright Osmanthus, apricot, nutmeg, jasmine and cardamom. Sophisticated florals mingle with honey, mimosa flower, jasmine Sambac and cedar for a layered effect that is both sensual and dynamic. The base is deepened with earthy honey, vanilla musk and tobacco.

The eye-catching facets of Amouage Life Journey EDP are dazzling, illustrating its preciousness. The beautiful bottle is created by Baccarat to mirror the design of the musk bottle its based on. It's a delicate scent that is designed for women who are determined to follow their own path, to never waver in their journey. Journey comes in an EDP concentration which lasts much longer than its regular edition.

About The Brand:

The Sultan's dream of establishing a perfume house in the Middle East was fulfilled on September 1, 1983 when Amouage was born. The House of Amouage creates scents and fragrances with the use of the finest oils and essences from around the world and combines them with their unique Arabian heritage and tradition.

The name Amouage reflects the love and passion that goes into each perfume, as well as the blending of the finest natural ingredients from around the world. It is a name derived from an Arabic term of endearment that means "my fragrance".

With its incomparable range of fragrances from the world's leading perfumers, Amouage offers a refined and sensuous expression of luxury. Each scent is a glimpse into the Orient with classical names inspired by the days of Middle Eastern empires, historical texts and poems.

It is a wonderful story, but the real key lies in the natural ingredients and the perfumers responsible for creating these luxurious Arabian scents. Arabian tradition has been reinvented to meet global expectations for a superior quality in a scent. It is a tradition that continues in an unwavering direction to this day.

Top Notes: Osmanthus, Apricot, Nutmeg, Jasmine and Cardamom
Middle Notes: Honey, Mimosa, Jasmine Sambac and Cedar
Base Notes: Tobacco, Saffron, Cypriol Oil or Nagarmotha, Vanilla and Musk

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Journey EDP Women

Journey EDP Women

68.000 KD