Refund policy

 Refund policy

Resolution from Ministry of Trade and Commerce No. 27 for 2015

Issued by the Internal Statute of Law 39/2014 in relation to the Protection of Consumer

 Section Six

 Rules regarding exchange or return of a product

Article 25

 Following conditions have been set in place with regards to the return or exchange of a product by the consumer:

  1. The product must be in its original packaging attached to the original receipt of purchase.
  2. The product must not be tampered with, used or damaged in any shape.
  3. The product must not be among the perishable goods where it would be difficult to ascertain its defects or expiration date upon purchase.
  4. The product must not be among the products, as defined by the customs, where the return or exchange of it is prohibited.
  5. The duration to return/exchange the products fall within a maximum no. of 14 days, except for the high-priced goods such as jewelry, watches, evening dresses, sunglasses, wedding dresses and any other products made of leather, perfumes and cosmetics (make-up and anything else that can be classified as cosmetics) which must be returned/exchanged within the short period of 24 hours with their original brand box, and no damage to the outer packaging.
  6. Oud, incense, any other product similar to these are neither returnable nor eligible for exchange.
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In case of a dispute between the consumer and the seller regarding the defects found within the product, or lack of agreement over the fault, both parties will need to refer their complaint to the National Committee for Consumer Protection (NCCP) should be contacted.