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Mild Vegan Intimate Wash

Mild Vegan Intimate Wash

Brand Yehwadam
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    Brand Yehwadam
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    Product Description

    Yehwadam Mild Vegan Intimate Wash by The Face Shop

    Product Type: Feminine Wash

    Size: 200ml


    A highly dependable vegan feminine wash for sensitive feminine areas that has body warming and anti-inflammatory effects to soothe and care for a woman's body. Panthenol (a humectant) is present to improve skin hydration without drying it out. It contains no harmful or inflammatory ingredients.


    Key Features:

    • A formula containing oriental medicinal ingredients such as mugwort, angelica, and licorice, gently cares for the female part.
    • Completed vegan certification (no animal ingredients added).
    • Skin-like ph formula, safe for use in sensitive y-zone.

    How to use:

    • Take an appropriate amount of the contents, wet it with water, and make enough bubbles.
    • After cleansing as if gently massaging around the vulva, rinse with lukewarm water so that no residue remains.