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Smart Keratin Complex

Smart Keratin Complex

Brand Morfose
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    Brand Morfose
    Product Description

    Morfose Smart Keratin Complex 100ml

    This high-performance product is in a league of its own in the realm of professional keratin treatments in shampoo and conditioner. Formulated in a lightweight formula, the keratin complex not only repairs damage from heat and environmental factors but also strengthens and protects from future damage.

    It reconstructs damaged cuticles caused by heat and environmental factors, replenishes nutrients for a healthier life, restores natural shine and elasticity, and protects each strand from future damage. In short, this shampoo-and-conditioner set prevents hair from breaking.


    • Specially formulated for dull, dry and damaged hair
    • Keratin helps to restrict damaged cuticles caused by heat and environmental effects
    • Thanks to its lightweight formula
    • Oil Item Form
    • For All Hair Type

    How To Use

    1. Shampoo Your Hair 

    Wash hair with a good keratin shampoo for complimentary ingredient benefits. If you have straight hair, wash twice; if you have extremely curly hair, add at least one more wash.

    2. Massage The Treatment On To Your Hair

    Towel dry hair gently but leave some moisture so hair can easily absorb the product. Coat your strands with the keratin treatment, starting from the tips going up. Stop at one inch from the scalp. Gently massage your hair with the product.

    3. Leave Treatment For 30mins

    With the product still on your hair, comb your locks gently with a wide-tooth comb. Then, let the treatment sit on your hair for 30 minutes.

    4. Rinse Your Hair

    Rinse thoroughly to make sure theres no product buildup left on your hair as this may cause dandruff.

    5. Blow Dry And Iron Your Hair

    Blow-dry your hair while brushing. Once completely dry, separate hair into small sections and lock the keratin in by ironing each section thoroughly. Iron your hair one small section at a time so the heat is applied evenly.

    6. Wait

    Keep hair dry wait for 48 hours before washing. This gives the keratin treatment more time to seep into your hair and work its magic. Make sure you dont tuck your hair behind your ears or tie it. Just keep it down and straight.

    7. Wash With Shampoo And Conditioner

    After 48 hours, you can now wash your hair. Use shampoo and conditioner, then blow-dry your hair.

    About The Brand

    Morfose is UKs and Irelands leading haircare brand, specializing in men's and women's hair products for all hair types. The brand was originally established in Turkey and we are now selling across the UK, Ireland and Europe. Our fantastic hair care products are catered to each individual hair type. Whether you have normal, dry, damaged or coloured hair you can find the best products for your hair with Morfose.