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Face Primers in Kuwait

Makeup primers sometimes goes with the form of liquid, cream or gel, it helps to fill-in some pores smal Show more

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  1. The Balm
    Anne T. Dotes Face Primer
    KWD 10.000
  2. Revlon
    ColorStay Grip Matte Primer
    KWD 4.250
  3. Kiss
    Pro Touch Face Hydrating Primer
    KWD 5.000
  4. Kiss
    Pro Touch Primer Mattifying
    KWD 5.000
  5. Kiss
    Pro Touch Face Smoothing Primer
    KWD 5.000
  6. Wet n Wild
    Fight Dirty Clarifying Setting Spray
    KWD 6.300
  7. Wet n Wild
    Prime Focus The Impossible Primer
    KWD 5.300
  8. Wet n Wild
    Photo Focus Eyeshadow Primer
    KWD 3.600
  9. Wet n Wild
    Photo Focus Face Primer - Matte
    KWD 3.950
  10. Wet n Wild
    Photo Focus Setting Spray
    KWD 3.950
  11. Wet n Wild
    Prime Focus Primer Serum - Hydrate
    KWD 4.750
  12. Wet n Wild
    Prime Focus Primer Serum - Refine Pores
    KWD 7.000
  13. Alix Avien
    Luminous Face Primer
    KWD 4.000
  14. Glowing Base
    Out of Stock
    Glowing Base
    KWD 18.500
    Out of stock
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  15. Pore-Express Primer
    Out of Stock
    Pore-Express Primer
    KWD 24.600
    Out of stock
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  16. Time Flash Primer
    Out of Stock
    Time Flash Primer
    KWD 26.400
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  17. Revlon
    PhotoReady Perfecting Primer
    KWD 7.500
  18. Max Factor
    Miracle Colour Correcting and Cooling Primer
    KWD 7.500
  19. Max Factor
    Miracle Prep 3 In 1 Beauty Primer Spf30
    KWD 7.500
  20. Max Factor
    Miracle Prep Illuminating and Hydrating Primer
    KWD 8.000

Items 1-20 of 25

Set Descending Direction

Face Primers - Your Precursor To Makeup

Face primers are the bridge that make makeup a success. It cleanses the skin so that the makeup can stick to your skin with ease.  Klinq offers a wide collection of carefully chosen brands for the men and women of Kuwait. Our primers are such that they create a smooth canvas just like a paint board where the paint is now going to glue itself to radiate the whole effects of an artist’s talent. 

Just like that, a  face primer increases the retention power of your foundation, concealer, blush and all those delicate touches you make to look your best. It does this by the total prevention of creases and slipping which is a great cost to pay for any kind of makeup. And the added benefit is the skincare which the natural ingredients in many of these formulas offer you.


Face Primer Types You Need to Know

When you use face primers that evens out the skin and fills the pores, you need to know the types of face primers and their intended use. Let’s take a look at those face primers which you can buy online:

  • Matte Primer

  A dream gift for men and women with oily skin. It will help in blurring the pores in the face, smoothen the fine lines and increase the foundation’s retention. Primers with silicone provide effective matte finish and even the skin texture. They are also tacky that it can hold the applications on your face like concealers and foundation better. Best for preventing makeup melt for all types of skin as well.

    • Hydrating Primer
      A hydrating primer is also called an oil based primer is the life breather for dry skinned individuals. The primer oil used is made with contents that moisturizes and nourishes your skin. The hyaluronic acid along with the antioxidants are the key ingredients along with other skin primers. It takes out the dry patches, and avoids the cakey looks and creases. Blush, contour and highlighters all get an inadvertent boost with hydrating primer filling in for their shortfalls.
  • Illuminating Primer
    These primers are quite similar to the silicone primers, the difference being that it adds a little bit of sheen to your skin. So a glowy primer when supplemented with dewy and glass like features. The perfect partner for special occasions and great events.

  • Specific Face Primers
    The face primer can be of many types. For example, they could be for your eyelashes, or your lips or eyelids, etc. Oily eyelids demand eyeshadow primer to mattify the eyelids and make the eyeshadow longer. It also ensures smooth glide for the eyeliner and doesn’t budge as well. Special care for lips demands that they don’t go dry and get chapped. So liquid lipstick is a way to get it done. It prevents lipsticks from bleeding as well. Eyelashes use lash primer with white fibers, giving volume and length to them. Mascara on top with these will give  a fluttery  lash that you always wanted.

There’s no end to what we offer you at our online store. Face primers from Revlon, Kiss, Wet n Wild and so much more are here for you to shop. Add your favorite primer to the cart and checkout with an assured delivery at your doorstep. Watch out for offers and season sales because that’s going to let you have them at an amazingly low price.


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