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Men's Wallets in Kuwait

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  1. Ikon P.M. Wallet
    Out of Stock
    Ikon P.M. Wallet
    KWD 33.000
    Out of stock
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  2. Lancaster
    Black Card Holder
    KWD 16.000
  3. Valentino Orlandi
    Bi Fold Wallet-VV002B
    KWD 29.500
  4. Valentino Orlandi
    Bi Fold Wallet-VV006B
    KWD 28.500
  5. Valentino Orlandi
    Bi Fold Wallet-VV069C
    KWD 26.500
  6. Valentino Orlandi
    Bi Fold Wallet-VV071B
    KWD 30.000
  7. Valentino Orlandi
    Bi Fold Wallet-VV071H
    KWD 30.000
  8. Valentino Orlandi
    Bi Fold Wallet-VV071T
    KWD 30.000
  9. Valentino Orlandi
    Bi Fold Wallet-VV019N
    KWD 29.500
  10. Valentino Orlandi
    Bi Fold Wallet-VV052H
    KWD 28.500
  11. Valentino Orlandi
    Bi Fold Wallet-VV056C
    KWD 26.500
  12. Valentino Orlandi
    Bi Fold Wallet-VV056H
    KWD 26.500
  13. Valentino Orlandi
    Bi Fold Wallet-VV059T
    KWD 26.500
  14. Valentino Orlandi
    Bi Fold Wallet-VV062C
    KWD 34.500
  15. Valentino Orlandi
    Bi Fold Wallet-VV062N
    KWD 34.500
  16. Valentino Orlandi
    Bi Fold Wallet-VV066N
    KWD 34.000
  17. Valentino Orlandi
    Bi Fold Wallet-VV067C
    KWD 26.500
  18. Valentino Orlandi
    Bi Fold Wallet-VV067H
    KWD 26.500
  19. Valentino Orlandi
    Bi Fold Wallet-VV067T
    KWD 26.500
  20. Valentino Orlandi
    Bi Fold Wallet-VV069H
    KWD 26.500

Items 1-20 of 64

Set Descending Direction

Best Wallets for Men in Kuwait

Wallets for men create a kind of an emotional bond. Right from a young age, when you start earning your first currency notes, there’s only one dream that chases you. It is a wallet that will keep your money safe. You could have seen it when your father used it or someone well known. 

Forget about the price, for you will not find them cheaper than at Klinq. It is our commitment to provide the best value for cost whatever they buy and our wallet collection is no exception to this. 

Choose from the classic brands like Lancaster, Valentino Orlandi, Capucci. We offer many variants of wallets. You might have heard of wallet types like:

    1. Coat Wallets
      Coat wallets with the old-world look and style have many card slots. Widely spaced slots, where you can stack a great number of cards, is one kind of coat wallet. They are flatter than other wallets and hence sleek and pocket-fit. Some types of coat wallets come with vertical card slots, double card slots and ample space for cash. It looks well with a jacket and so can style your appearance accordingly.

    2. Minimalist Wallets
      Every great style has its counter-style too. Minimalist wallet is just the other side of coat wallets. Rather than being spacious its just for those who carry the minimal and only the most essential. Usually, it comes with two card slots on each side, sometimes open in the center, or rigid with buttons to push the card out. Money clips have in recent times become a part and parcel of these wallets. Also their shape keeps on flattening and shrinking everyday. Because, it is the first choice of those who don’t want to let the world know that they are carrying a purse in their pocket.

    3. Pouch wallets
      Case wallet as it is called otherwise is zippered and cover’s the things it bears in a very efficient way. Safety is its key motive and hence travelers, daily workers, office goers all have a leaning for pouch wallets. Men use it to keep even cigarettes, so you can imagine what it looks like.

  • Billfold Wallets
    Billfold wallets come as variants that stand between the coat and minimalist. Diving its name from the fold it creates on the bills it carries, like bifold or trifold. Some new variants have coin racks stitched neatly as well. Card slots, dividers, small stitched spaces are unique features of billfolds wallets.

Klinq brings to you those amazing sets of wallets within a fingertip distance. Yes, that’s how close your classy wallet is to you. Tap on the wallet of your color and make and just add them to the cart and we will provide a delivery that is faster than your imagination and that too at any place in Kuwait. 

Buy online from the comfort of your home like never before. Klinq has many products besides wallets for men and women. Check them out as well. Who knows, you may find your true love there.


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