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Wet n Wild

Shop For The Top Wet n Wild Beauty & Makeup Products in Kuwait

Wet n Wild

Klinq brings it ever closer, the Wet n Wild Beauty & Makeup products, just for you.

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  1. Wet n Wild
    XXL Lash Mascara
    KWD 3.300
  2. Wet n Wild
    Prime Focus Primer Serum - Refine Pores
    KWD 7.000
  3. Wet n Wild
    Prime Focus Primer Serum - Hydrate
    KWD 4.750
  4. Wet n Wild
    Photo Focus Setting Spray
    KWD 3.950
  5. Wet n Wild
    Photo Focus Face Primer - Matte
    KWD 3.950
  6. Wet n Wild
    Photo Focus Eyeshadow Primer
    KWD 3.600
  7. Wet n Wild
    Prime Focus The Impossible Primer
    KWD 5.300
  8. Wet n Wild
    Big Poppa Mascara
    KWD 4.300
  9. Wet n Wild
    Megaliner Liquid Eyeliner
    KWD 3.000
  10. Megaglo Dual-Ended Contour Stick
    Out of Stock
    Wet n Wild
    Megaglo Dual-Ended Contour Stick
    KWD 3.900
    Out of stock
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  11. Wet n Wild
    Megaglo Contouring Palette
    KWD 3.900
  12. Wet n Wild
    Mega Volume Mascara
    KWD 2.700
  13. Wet n Wild
    Mega Protein Waterproof Mascara
    KWD 2.700
  14. Wet n Wild
    Mega Length
    KWD 2.700
  15. Wet n Wild
    Mega Clear Mascara
    KWD 2.400
  16. Wet n Wild
    Max Volume Plus Mascara
    KWD 3.300
  17. Wet n Wild
    Makeup Sponge Applicator
    KWD 3.300
  18. Wet n Wild
    Blush Brush
    KWD 3.000
  19. Wet n Wild
    Flat Top Brush
    KWD 3.000
  20. Wet n Wild
    Contour Brush
    KWD 3.000

Items 1-20 of 63

Set Descending Direction

Get Your List of Wet n Wild Beauty & Makeup Products Online

Wet n Wild is a brand you want to keep with you every now and then. Because beauty and makeup products are essential to keep your glow throughout the day. And Wet n Wild makeup products are unique in this respect. It starts as every beginner's first beauty brand and continues to surprise every day by going bigger and better. Klinq gives you the freedom and ease to shop for your favorite Wet n Wild products from home.

Starting its journey in the year 1979 Wet n Wild has made beauty products budget friendly, accessible to the mass audience. The very objective of this brand of the new era is to continually reinvent the meaning of value in the makeup industry with high-performance essentials. They intend to achieve this through new innovations infused with active ingredients in an environment that is clean and cruelty-free. Quality standards are very strict here and the goals they keep for themselves are far above their price. Wet n Wild works on the basic premise that the product diversification should be such that even a beginner  customer should be able to pick a lipstick with confidence and satisfaction . The award-winning 2 $ lipsticks and 5$ foundation are all from the Wet n Wild brand.At Klinq choose from the latest models of mascaras, primers, serums, spray, eyeshadows, eyeliners, contour stick, blush brush of different types. Products like ‘Wet N Wild Lash Renegade’ are a record-breaker in every aspect. From design to the formula is a sweet novelty. There are many similar products in our online store. 


  1. Why are some Wet n Wild shades discontinued so often? 
  2. Every season at Wet n Wild they evaluate the products and discuss the popularity and appeal of the shades. And if it is found to be less popular they are discontinued. Sometimes it could be your favorite product. But in place of that every season new and fashionable shades are added to it.  


  1. Where can I get the limited edition Wet n Wild products?
  2. It is quite unfortunate, but the brand policy is to release limited edition products for only a particular season. If it is not in your favorite store, it is because it's sold out. However, the brand assures that they will keep on releasing new and interesting products every season for its customers.


  1. How to get coupons for Wet n Wild products?
  2. If you have signed up for the VIP premium membership of Wet N Wild, sign up and get ready. They send their exclusive coupons periodically to the VIP members when special savings are made. Also, the periodic giveaways are also a great way to earn great prizes. 


  1. Is it possible to buy a different variant than from the palette?
  2. Wet n Wild doesn’t sell shades separately from the palette. So they don’t name them individually. Affordable prices and high discounts all year-round ensures that the shades are readily available to their customers.

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