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  1. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GA-100B-4A
    KWD 39.000
  2. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GM-S5600SK-7
    KWD 66.000
  3. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GM-S5600SB-1
    KWD 70.000
  4. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GM-S5600G-7
    KWD 65.000
  5. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GMD-B800SC-1
    KWD 36.000
  6. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GMD-B800-4
    KWD 36.000
  7. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GMD-B800-1
    KWD 36.000
  8. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GMA-S140NC-7A
    KWD 44.000
  9. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GMA-S140NC-5A2
    KWD 44.000
  10. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GMA-S140NC-5A1
    KWD 44.000
  11. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GM-6900SCM-1
    KWD 78.000
  12. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GM-5600SCM-1
    KWD 70.000
  13. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GM-5600B-1
    KWD 67.000
  14. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GM-110SCM-1A
    KWD 79.000
  15. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch 11652165
    KWD 42.000
  16. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch 11642164
    KWD 42.000
  17. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch 11632163
    KWD 54.000
  18. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch 11622162
    KWD 47.000
  19. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch 11612161
    KWD 56.000
  20. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch 11602160
    KWD 42.000

Items 1-20 of 99

Set Descending Direction

G-Shock Watches A Brand You Can Trust

G-Shock watches come from the famous Japanese electronics company Casio. The design is such that it can face any stress, shock, vibration or any violent encounter. The G-Shock watches are made of a combination of all the modern features without compromising on the best of the traditional analogue displays. Klinq offers watches from this unique band for men and women. They also offer regular features like the countdown timer, world clock, backlight, etc. Some top end models have incredible features like direction sensors, pressure sensors, temperature modules, in addition to GPS, bluetooth, etc. 

Design Features of G-Shock Watches

When we look at the world market of watches in prices and quality, G-shock stands apart as one of a kind. The cutting edge japanese technology is one reason behind this and then there are these unique design features that makes it a piece to hold:

  • Hollow Case Structure
    They use a very basic fact that shocks don’t transmit inside a bouncing rubber ball. A similar design structure lets the module float inside the case.
  • Total-covering
    They are coverings that are all-directional. For example, if you accidentally drop the watch, the protruding bezel that covers the whole watch absorbs the shock giving protection to the module, surface of the crystal, etc.
  • Cushioning
    There is a specific guard design to protect the heart of the watch - the crystal oscillator. It also extends this support to other critical parts to withstand almost all the routine and extraordinary shocks that  can happen in a day's event. A powerful impact leads to the distortion of the cushion an this prevents an failure or malfunction
  • The Square Design
    The original square design ensures universal utility in the internal design, module structure, the display LCD to exterior design features like the materials, shape, size, etc. The minimalist design is also a part of this feature. 16:10 size lcd is close to human angle view and also amenable to easy wear for everyday use.

What G-Shock is Known for?

The G-Shock watches are known for:

  • Toughness
    The sturdy build exudes toughness with a design that is intended to face the difficult conditions of everyday life. You can trust this piece of time machine in all the difficult situations in life. It won’t leave you stranded at any cost.
  • Shock Resistance
    The square design, the adept casing and the angular cuts that ensure that the impact never falls on the essential parts of the watch makes it one of the most shock resistant pieces in the world market.
  • 200M Water Resistance
    The G-shock watches you buy online from our shop have a water resistant capability that leaves you wondering. You can use it everyday while you are in the shower or trying to break your own record swimming with buddies. Or be it any drenching sports like surfing, skiing and so on. The stainless- steel case resists any hgh pressure from water and houses a very effective airtight screw.

Triple G Resist
The watch hands can resist centrifugal gravity that happens due to its own rotating weight perfectly well. The design is made with this in mind. So you get stable hard movement even under strong pull of gravity.

Klinq your Kuwaiti G-shock online store offers almost all the latest models of the coolest watches. Just pick them from our online store and add them to cart. If out of stock add to the wishlist.  And we offer instant delivery at any point in Kuwait. Start shopping for this amazing brand today.


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