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Fair And White

Shop for Fair and White Skin Care Products in Kuwait

Fair And White

Shop for Fair and White Skin Care Products in Kuwait 

400;">Buy from the best collection of Fair and White Skin Care products from anywhere in Kuwait.


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  1. Fair And White
    So White Tonic Scrub Shower Gel
    KWD 15.000
  2. Fair And White
    So White Pocket Deo Deodorant Roll-On
    KWD 5.750
  3. Fair And White
    So White Brightening Shower Gel
    KWD 12.500
  4. Fair And White
    So Carrot Gel Illuminating Scrub
    KWD 15.000
  5. Fair And White
    Original Exfoliating Soap
    KWD 6.750
  6. Fair And White
    Original Dermapure Toner
    KWD 9.000
  7. Fair And White
    Original Dark Spot Remover
    KWD 8.500
  8. Fair And White
    Original Cream-Milk Extreme Hydration
    KWD 11.500
  9. Fair And White
    Original Carrot Exfoliating Soap
    KWD 6.750
  10. Fair And White
    Original Carrot Body Lotion
    KWD 19.900
  11. Fair And White
    Original Brightening Serum
    KWD 14.500
  12. Fair And White
    Original Brightening Cream Gel
    KWD 11.500
  13. Fair And White
    Original Brightening Cream
    KWD 12.500
  14. Fair And White
    Original Body Lotion With AHA
    KWD 19.900
  15. Fair And White
    Original Body Clearing Milk
    KWD 19.900
  16. Fair And White
    Original AHA2 Exfoliating And Unifying Soap
    KWD 6.750
  17. Fair And White
    Miss White Shower Gel Dream Scrub
    KWD 15.000
  18. Fair And White
    Gold Ultimate Shower Gel Precious Scrub
    KWD 15.000
  19. Fair And White
    Gold Ultimate Argan Shower Gel
    KWD 12.500
  20. Fair And White
    Gold 3 Rejuvenating Moisture Lotion
    KWD 23.000

Items 1-20 of 52

Set Descending Direction

The Fair and White Skin Care Brand Story

The Fair and White skin care products are today a global brand but behind every brand is a brand story,the story of its inspiration, the combined perspiration that transformed dreams into reality and the vision of the founders, etc. The brand began its journey in Fair & White the last names of the two founders.

The initial product from the company was a skin lightening line that was designed specifically for even skin tone. The first product helped build the overall complexion, lighten the age spots, cured melasma and offered effective sun protection and radiance. The youthful glow it offered made it a success from the very beginning.

The Fair and White products manufacturers believed in the simple philosophy- “all shades are beautiful.” So much of their products target dark spots, dull skin, spots from acne, skin tones that are uneven, dark circles, hyperpigmentation and hormonal color change. Let the word ‘Fair’ in the brand not intimidate you, because they openly declare that they are against any form of discrimination and do not condone the use of their products to appear “whiter”.

Fair and White skincare consumers are spread across the world in different continents. Clinically approved by the United State’s FDA, Health Canada, India FDA, Ghana FDA, Nigeria FDA, etc. Since the products are extensively for safety and effectiveness, the appeal of the brand has taken a tremendous turn.

Klinq offers different variants of Fair and White Skin Care products. It includes all the diverse solutions like tonic scrub, deodorants, shower gels, spot removers, hydration milk, exfoliating soap, brightening oils, gels, serums and much more. Swipe through our selection and choose your product. Let the game begin.


Some of the frequently asked questions are:

Q. Can I buy Fair and White products from the official site and ship them to other countries?
A. No, they don't allow that. Their policy mandates them to ship the products to the United States only. This is the case with direct official site shopping. However, in countries like Kuwait, we are here to provide you all your required products right where you are. Our doorstep delivery spans the whole of Kuwait, so you can sit back and relax and order one by one.

Q. I have an uneven skin tone issue, along with these dark spots too bother me. Should I mix the Fair and White products or add other ingredients for better results?
A. According to the brand, you shouldn’t do that. It should be used only as directed in the packaging cover with instructions. Maybe you have an issue which this product cannot solve, then it is best you consult a dermatologist.

Q. What is hydroquinone and is there any alternative to it?
A. Hydroquinone is a skin-lightening agent and is helpful in treating many conditions of skin like hyperpigmentation and its various types. Melasma is what hydroquinone actually treats, yet alpha arbutin, turmeric, tyrostat, etc. are skin brightening agents. You can try them as replacements.


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