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Buy Character Makeup Products in Kuwait


Reach out to your private stardom with Character makeup products now in Kuwait.

20 Items

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  1. Character
    Lush Booster Mascara
    KWD 4.000
  2. Character
    Superstay Makeup Setting Spray
    KWD 7.000
  3. Character
    Extra Volume Mascara
    KWD 4.000
  4. Character
    Sparkles Glitter
    As low as KWD 4.000
  5. Character
    Silky Matte Foundation
    As low as KWD 5.500
  6. Character
    Rock Star Blush
    As low as KWD 3.330
  7. Character
    Revolution Matte Lipstick
    As low as KWD 2.000
  8. Character
    HD Coverage Concealer
    As low as KWD 3.000
  9. Character
    Go Blush
    As low as KWD 5.000
  10. Character
    Glow Kit
    As low as KWD 6.000
  11. Character
    Glam Look Eyeshadow Palette
    As low as KWD 8.000
  12. Character
    Fabulous Lip Crayon
    As low as KWD 2.500
  13. Character
    Eyebrow Mascara
    As low as KWD 3.000
  14. Character
    Eyebrow Eyeliner
    As low as KWD 4.000
  15. Character
    Duo Temptation
    As low as KWD 4.000
  16. Character
    Creamy Matte Lip Color
    As low as KWD 4.000
  17. Character
    Compact Powder
    As low as KWD 4.000
  18. Character
    40 Majestic Eyeshadow Palette
    As low as KWD 15.000
  19. Character
    28 Colour Eyeshadow Palette
    As low as KWD 12.000

20 Items

Set Descending Direction

Make Your Best With the Character Makeup Kit

Character cosmetics is one of the best makeup producers in the world. Being a Future Makeup company it has evolved itself in many ways to suit the needs of men and women. We offer wide collections in the makeup segment with many choices for the users. We here provide fast doorstep delivery on all our products anywhere in Kuwait.

In the early 2000 the founders  of Character Cosmetics developed their business with the hope that one day it will bloom across the globe. Its branches have now evolved and its fruits and flowers have today grown all over the world. The brand today is indulging in some of the latest and advanced technologies in the field of cosmetics. Creativity is what this brand exudes inspiring makeup artists. The initial introduction of their products from the Middle East has now become a global phenomenon. Today the Character brand is spread across all the continents sharing beauty with joy to thousands of customers.

Character Makeup Range of Products

The full range of professional cosmetic products from Character will take care of all you needs, it includes:

  • Face Make-Up
    The basic products to the most revolutionary and innovative formulas, Character offers a wide range of face make-up products. It incorporates a fabulous line of highlighters, foundations, blushes, face primers, contour powders, concealers, etc. There are more than 400 types of shades in face make-up and 50 different products of varying finishes.
  • Eye make-up
    The eyes grab the attention of everyone, and then dress just the right way to offer a full range of transformation. Our eye make-up products create a magic that will change your look of eyes with kajal pencils, eye-contours, mascaras, eye-liners, eye-brow corrector kits, eye shadows, etc.
  • Lip make-up
    The lips speak of the beauty they want to see. Character makeup for lips gives them that pampering. The lip products will transform your makeup game and it will create creamy matters, lip liners, lip primers, liquid sticks and so on.
  • Nail make-up
    Nails need special care and love. You need to give them timely pops and maintain them. Shop for the latest collections of nail tips, shades, pastels, nudes to mattes, deeps and metallics, etc. Wide choices and unique shades make this brand a very special one for our customers in Kuwait.

Go high with the wings that Character makeup sketches on you. Nothing can beat the glow of your soul but a good make-up can boost your confidence, lighting the fire within to face any challenges. Satisfaction and peace is what this brand  offers you and that’s what we at Klinq strive to achieve. A few touches and you can feel the catalyst working from within. Enhancing your personality from within and building that aura of attractiveness around you.

Shop with just a few taps and swipes on your mobile, pc or desktop by visiting Klinq.com today. Begin your transformation journey with us by choosing from the various types of mascaras, super-sprays,  foundations, glitters, blushes, matte colored lipsticks, eyeliners, compact powder and so much more is available here.

Build your Character with finest products online. 

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