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Start Your Day With Cetaphil Skin Care


A wide collection of all Cetpahil Skin Care Products is here in Kuwait at our online store.

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  1. Cetaphil
    Ultra Gentle Body Wash Refreshing Scent
    KWD 6.000
  2. Cetaphil
    Ultra Gentle Fragrance-Free Body Wash
    KWD 7.200
  3. Cetaphil
    Bright Healthy Radiance Brightening Lotion
    KWD 19.300
  4. Cetaphil
    Gentle Makeup Remover
    KWD 5.600
  5. Cetaphil
    Gentle Foaming Cleanser
    KWD 8.200
  6. Cetaphil
    Pro Eczema Prone Skin Hand Cleansing Lotion
    KWD 11.700
  7. Cetaphil
    Pro Dryness Control Day Protect Hand Cream
    KWD 6.450
  8. Cetaphil
    Pro Dryness Control Night Repair Hand Cream
    KWD 6.450
  9. Cetaphil
    Pro Eczema Prone Skin Face Cleansing Foam
    KWD 9.950
  10. Cetaphil
    Pro Eczema Moisturizing Foam for Prone Skin
    KWD 10.550
  11. Pro Clarifying Clay Mask For Acne Prone Skin
    Out of Stock
  12. Cetaphil
    After Sun Repair Liposomal Lotion
    KWD 13.950
  13. Cetaphil
    UVA/UVB Defense Cream SPF 50
    KWD 11.600
  14. Cetaphil
    Pro Redness-Prone Skin Foaming Face Wash
    KWD 9.800
  15. Pro Redness-Prone Skin Night Moisturizer Cream
    Out of Stock

Items 1-20 of 38

Set Descending Direction

Shop Online for Cetaphil Products Like Never Before

Skin care regimen is important for men and women. Now with Cetaphil a brand that has built itself over the long years of research and development, it is going to be a cakewalk. Klinq brings to you the latest collections from this global giant.

If we trace the evolution of this brand we can see a very arduous journey. Cetaphil calls itself a heritage brand and according to them they have been committed to advanced skin science for over 75 years. The main advantage of the products from this brand is that it has products for all types of skin. Initially, starting as a pharmacist company catering to the ailments of patients with skin that are sensitive, it has outgrown those times. 

Today Cetaphil is committed to deliver state-of-the-art products for sensitive skin. The research and work that is carefully monitored by healthcare professionals help them understand the exact needs of their customers. Cetaphil is here to advance the dermatological care for every skin and write a story for each type.

Cetaphil products are doctor’s prime choice when it comes to skin care for sensitive skins. That’s why today its customers are spread across 70 countries. From cleansers to baby products, you can get them all here at Klinq. Cetaphil’s skincare products are ideal for problems like dryness, irritation, roughness, tightness, skin barrier issues among other problems.

The new variants in skin care that Cetaphil has launched recently includes:

  • Healing ointment - ideal for cracked skin and dryness. Formulated with a high concentration of active ingredients and petrolatum, it quickly protects and heals dry, sensitive skin.

  • Radiance Products -  new Cetaphil healthy radiance products is a complete regimen for sensitive skin and is specifically designed to remove dark spots and enhance overall tone within a week.

  • Advanced Relief - The advanced relief line products are effective in dry skin, ashy or flaky skin. Even if the underlying problem is genetic the solution works effectively. Skin of color as per scientists more prone to continuous dry skin and age, climate or season doesn’t affect this.

Cetaphil products are reliable in its making quality and materials used. They are paraben free and mostly devoid of any artificial fragrant chemicals. Also oil base is absent as these creams are pure and hence has that smooth non-sticky texture preferable for ladies and gentlemen. It is hypoallergenic and won’t clog any pores in your skin.

At Klinq we offer our loyal customers products like body wash, night comfort creams, day protection creams, refreshing toners, brightening lotions, creamy cleansers, makeup removers, hand creams, dryness control products, moisturizing creams, acne solutions, sun protection creams and much much more. All these Cetaphil products are at a fingertip distance from you. Because once you add to cart and make the payment, then it is our responsibility to take care of the delivery part. Anywhere in Kuwait, we will deliver it for you at lightning fast speed. So start your Cetaphil story from the Klinq page today.


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