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Kuwait’s perfume market is now available at your fingertips with Klinq online

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  1. Afnan
    Rare Tiffany EDP
    KWD 11.000
  2. Afnan
    Naseej Al Ward EDP
    KWD 11.500
  3. Naseej Al Khuzama EDP
    Naseej Al Khuzama EDP
    Special Price KWD 8.500 Regular Price KWD 11.500
  4. Afnan
    Naseej Al Zafran EDP
    KWD 11.500
  5. Afnan
    Supremacy Gold EDP
    KWD 13.000
  6. Afnan
    Rare Carbon EDP
    KWD 11.500
  7. Afnan
    Amira Air Freshener
    KWD 3.500
  8. Afnan
    Floral Bouquet Air Freshener
    KWD 3.500
  9. Afnan
    Touch Of Oud Air Freshener
    KWD 3.500
  10. Afnan
    Rose D Arabia Air Freshener
    KWD 3.500
  11. Supremacy Pour Homme EDP
    Supremacy Pour Homme EDP
    Special Price KWD 10.000 Regular Price KWD 13.500

11 Items

Set Descending Direction

Afnan Perfumes & Home Scents - Leading from Front

We are quite sure that there will hardly be anyone in Kuwait who hasn’t heard of Afnan perfumes and home scents. Beginning in 2007, Afnan perfumes have built a massive empire in the perfume industry. As a top notch perfume house in the GCC countries and across Europe, Australia, Africa, Russia and the far East, Afnan is growing everyday.

Afnan calls itself to be more than a perfume company. It likes to call itself a design, expertise, and experience brand in perfume making. Every design of Afnan perfumes has had a memorable stint in the market.  Preserving and showcasing a unique quality and heritage this brand has captured the hearts of its millions of customers world-wide.

Motivated by an organic love for the perfume trade and to deliver customers the best product every time, they carefully design everything starting from the bottle’s feel to the end-user delivery. At Klinq you can select from the latest collections of the Afnan fragrance. Afran’s founder and MD Imran Fazlani is keen to keep this growth going on.

We exhibit wide collections of Afnan’ various series like the Naseej series of perfumes, His Highness, 9am, 9pm, Souvenir series, etc. to name a few. Let us take a look at the various series of Afnan and what it entails for the customers at Klinq:

  • Naseej Al Zafaran
    It is an eau de parfum, suitable for both men and women. According to the brand description this perfume has a unique scent which matches the luxurious and oriental world of spices. Saffron and Cedarwood are the key ingredients and will leave your colleagues, friends, etc hypnotized with its aroma. It has top notes of saffron, black pepper, cardamom and mid notes of rose, cedar wood and oud wood. There are many Naseej perfumes with variants. Naseej al oud, Naseej al ward. The difference is based on the type of scent source and it varies for each product in the series.

  • His Highness
    His Highness series of perfumes are delectable ones that oozes masculinity and its captivating fragrance. The roman number and color like I, II, III, and Green, Red, Black, etc. distinguishes each product in the series from another. For example, he Green has top notes of Bergamot, cypress, lavender. Middle notes of black pepper, galbanum, cedarwood, petit grain. Base notes of oud wood, leather and oakmoss. Ideal for royal souls, who are looking for the elite fragrance.

  • Supremacy Series
    The supremacy series has different types of perfumes with top notes in bergamot, oregano and pepper. The middle notes are amber, labdanum and opoponax and the base notes of leather, sandalwood, patchouli, and oud. The Supremacy series  also has oriental, warm musky and refreshing green notes. Explore the inner power within which the supremacy everyday with different notes of fragrance.

Shop for your favorite fragrances with a simple click and make payments online. You can get a doorstep delivery anywhere in Kuwait. Get your fragrances today.



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