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Zero Plus EDT Women


Zero Plus EDT Women

ماركة Diesel
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    ماركة Diesel

    Zero Plus Women by Diesel for Women

    • Concentration: Eau de Toilette
    • Size: 75 ml

    Diesel Zero Plus is a cologne for women that includes something for every taste. Gourmand upper notes mix fresh fruity notes of plum, red apple, bitter orange, and pineapple with spicy notes of nutmeg, cassia, cinnamon, and pepper. Floral middle notes combine magnolia and iris topped with jasmine and rose the king and queen of floralcy. The base notes consist of sweet vanilla and rich cacao offset by woody notes of amber, sandalwood, and cedar capped with a hint of musk. Our fragrances last longer. Apply in the creases of your skin and neck for a longer-lasting, stronger scent that is intensified by the warmth of your own body. After applying, avoid rubbing or dabbing skin. This breaks down the fragrance, causing it to wear off more quickly. If you prefer placing fragrances on your wrists, be sure to reapply after frequent hand-washing, as this tends to rinse off the scent.

    Key Features:

    • Ideal for a variety of occasions
    • A fragrance that has been widely accepted
    • It's light, refreshing, and can be applied often
    • Fragrance to make it last longer

    Key Notes:

    • Top Notes: Fruity Notes Plum, Red Apple, Bitter Orange, Pineapple, Spicy Notes, Nutmeg, Cassia, Cinnamon, Pepper
    • Heart Notes: Magnolia, Iris, Jasmine, Rose, Floralcy
    • Base Notes: Sweet Vanilla, Rich Cocoa, Woody Notes, Amber, Sandalwood, Cedar, Musk

    About Diesel:

    Diesel is an Italian clothing brand founded by Renzo Rosso in 1978. The company is best known for its denim collection, and its clothing lines and accessories are aimed solidly at the young consumer.

    Rosso founded Diesel with the intention of creating a fashion house that be a leader and carve out its own niche in the industry. A tremendous amount of the company's success in its first 20 years is attributed to former Creative Director Wilbert Das in 1988. Fresh out of fashion school, Das was initally hired to design the men's collection, but quickly rose through the ranks at Diesel and was named Creative Director in 1993. Das' vision guided the company's fashions and international marketing strategies for nearly 20 years. During this time, Diesel launched several lines: Diesel Black Gold (casual luxury gooods), Diesel Kid, eyewear, lingerie, bags, accessories and eventually perfume. The products are marketed through 5,000 retail outlets around the world, including 300 Diesel-branded stores. Das left the company in 2009 and its current Creative Director is Bruno Collin.

    Diesel is known for its innovative approach to marketing. The company is believed to be the first to market its clothing through video games. Diesel products were also sold through the Playstation Home social gaming network. Diesel's first fragrance, a unisex scent known simply as Diesel, was launched in 1996, in partnership with Marbert.

    Diesel launched several popular fragrances with Marbert before signing with L'Oreal in 2006. Diesel fragrances are aimed at the young adult market, like their other products, and are noteworthy for their unusual packaging, which has resembled such unusual items as a fist (Only the Brave) and an industrial spray bottle (the Green series).