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Slimming Massage Magic Hair Cream White

Slimming Massage Magic Hair Cream White

ماركة Dancoly
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    ماركة Dancoly
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    Slimming Massage Herbal Cream Brown 500 ml by Dancoly

    The Slimming Massage Magic Cream White contains about the following ingredients extracted from natural sour krachai, it can strengthen skin elasticity, promote skin metabolism, enhance skin ability to resist external damage, decrease body fat, remove wrinkles and whitening your skin. Perfect your body shaping, prevent kidney damages. Besides, it can help evacuate poisons inside body or relieve fatigue after hard working.

    Our slimming massage cream is the perfect way to melt away layers of unwanted fat with its unique massaging formula that gently melts away stubborn cellulite. It tightens, tones and firms your skin, focusing on problem areas like the thighs, buttocks, belly and upper arms. Not only does it tone and firm your skin, it also restores elasticity to make skin look youthful again. Tackle your body shape in no time


    • Tighten your abs
    • Whitening your skin
    • Produce firmer muscles
    • Reduce cellulite buildupFat Burning Tight
    • Body Shaping Lose Weight Anti-Cellulite 
    • Stimulator Circulating Blood Vessel Anti-Aging
    • Eliminating waste substances in the human body and reducing cellulite.

    How To Use

    1. Add a dollop (around a 10p coin size) to your hand (more if your skin is particularly dry or on rougher areas such as elbows and knees)
    2. Rub your palms together to warm up the lotion.
    3. Use your hands to massage the lotion into your body in small circular motions.

    About The Brand

    Dancoly is a natural cosmetic brand created and manufactured by Dancoly cosmetique. Gilles le Bret, its founder & CEO, has been engaged in scientific research and development for more than 30 years.

    Dancoly Cosmetics is a botanic cosmetics company that provides customers with beauty products for continuing their pursuit of beauty. Dancoly's unique line of Doctor products are formulated after two decades of research at the Dancoly Companies. These products are used by celebrities around the world.