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Mukhallat Rayyan Concentrated Perfume Oil

Mukhallat Rayyan Concentrated Perfume Oil

ماركة Ajmal
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    ماركة Ajmal

    Mukhallat Rayyan by Ajmal Unisex Fragrance

    • Type: Concentrated Perfume Oil
    • Size Available: 12 ml

    The perfect fragrance at an affordable price. The range is enormous, making them inexpensive as well as convenient and easy to use! A Mukhallat Rayyan by Ajmal Unisex Fragrance seeks to be alluring and graceful through its subtle and warm aroma. Perfume oil is easily and quickly absorbed and the scent is long lasting. Using a perfume oil is simple; they come in a variety of different scents and can be applied directly to the warm areas of your body that are known as the perfume pulse points such as the wrist, the inside of your elbow, behind your ears or even on your neck behind your earlobes.

    Because they are concentrated, they will still smell stronger and richer, and yet they're less likely to leave behind trail like an alcohol-based perfume spray. All in all, Mukhallat Rayyan perfume oils radiate outward from your skin, making you radiate from the inside out smell the best even when you don't wear any!

    All Ajmal Perfumes are handcrafted in large batches to ensure quality, consistency and longevity. The Mukhallat Rayyan by Ajmal Unisex Fragrance uses only the best ingredients, promising a rich smell that will not fade away soon after application.

    About Ajmal:

    Ajmal Perfumes is a brand that has a rich heritage acquired through almost seven decades of experience and know-how in the intricate art of perfumery. It is a true innovator and a pioneer in the creation to the marketing of perfume products to a global clientele.